Brandon Maxfield

In many ways Brandon grew up as a typical teenager - short on words, listening to music, playing video games, glued to his computer, and enjoying World Federation Wrestling. He attended mainstream schools, hung out with friends, earned straight A's through high school, and dreamed of college and life beyond.

It is not surprising that Brandon's hero is Christopher Reeves. Like Reeves, Brandon is a quadriplegic. He has head movement only and depends on a ventilator to breathe at night. Like Reeves, he uses an electric wheelchair which is controlled solely with head movements. He surfs the net using a head mouse. Like his hero Reeves, he tries to live as normal a life as possible.

Perhaps he is most like Reeves because he refuses to sit back and be viewed as a victim. Brandon is taking action by battling back against Bruce Jennings and Bryco Arms to ensure that other children do not share his fate. He hopes that you will join his battle.