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To learn more about Brandon's efforts to keep defective guns off the street, see some of the many articles highlighted below.

San Rafael Attorney Richard Ruggieri Receives National Legal Award
Brandon's Arms Press Release (July 27, 2005)

Legal Community Against Gun Violence Honors Brandon Maxfield
Brandon's Arms Press Release (July 12, 2005)

Brandon is featured in April 2005 Ladies Home Journal in an article called Armed and Dangerous.

California Court of Appeals Affirms $24 Million Judgment against Bryco Arms
Brandon's Arms Press Release (February 24, 2005)

Will Jimenez Arms Find Nevada Safe Haven to Manufacture Unsafe Firearms?
Brandon's Arms Press Release (February 15, 2005)

Jimenez Arms' Junk Gun Fails California Safety-Tests
State Bans Manufacture and Sale of Jimenez Arms Gun; Removes JA-9 Model from Approved List
Brandon's Arms Press Release (January 18, 2005)

A $140 Gun Could Cost a Retailer $22 Million
Federal Licensed Firearms Dealers Warned of True Costs of Selling Cheap "Junk" Guns
Brandon's Arms Press Release (January 11, 2005)

Fraud Alleged in Winning Bid for Gun Manufacturer
New York Times

Was the Auction of Bryco Arms' Assets Fraudulently Funded?
After Failed Attempt to Conceal Source of Funds, Bank Records Prove Jennings' Money Funded Purchase
Brandon's Arms Press Release (October 18, 2004)

Teenager Fails in Bid to Buy Gun Maker
New York Times

Shooting Victim is Outbid for O.C. Gun Maker
Los Angeles Times

Bryco's Bankruptcy Ploy Successful; Plant Manager Makes Highest Bid; Thousands of Defective Guns Likely to Hit Streets
Brandon's Arms Press Release (August 12, 2004)

Gun victim bids for weapons stock
BBC News

Paralyzed Teen Makes Bid for Gun Company
National Public Radio (with link to Morning Edition story)

Sights set on gunmaker
Chicago Tribune

Paralyzed teenager attempting to buy up guns at auction
Kansas City Star

Shooting victim bids on firm that made flawed gun
Omaha World-Herald

Paralyzed teen gets closer to gun buy
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Judge Sets Auction Date for Gun Firm
Join Together Online

Teen gets 2nd chance to bid on gun factory
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Crippled Willits teen gets another chance to buy gun maker
KESQ Channel 3 - Palm Springs, CA

Gun victim tries to buy gun factory
Billings Gazette

Quadriplegic wants to buy, close gun plan
The Washington Times

Teen Tries to Buy Gun Company
CBS Evening News

Boy bids to put gun firm out of business
San Francisco Chronicle

Teen Bids for Maker of Gun That Maimed Him
ABC News

Shot teen tries to buy gun firm
The Age, Australia

Paralyzed Child Raises $175,000 to Buy and Destroy 75,000 Defective Guns and Equipment
Brandon's Arms Press Release (July 9, 2004)

Victim's Allies Raise Bid for Gun Maker
Los Angeles Times login required

Paralyzed by a Gun, Boy Now Seeks to Buy Maker
New York Times login required

Victim seeks to buy, shut down gun factory
San Jose Mercury News

Paralyzed teen's family wants to buy gun maker
Arizona Republic

Gun victim mounts struggle to buy plant
Florida Times Union

Family of Gun Victim Wants to Buy, Close Gun Firm
Join Together

Campaign Seeks to Halt Gun Makers' Bankruptcy Ploy
Join Together

Gun Foes Might Buy Arms Firm
Los Angeles Times

Sale of Bankrupt Gun Firm Postponed
Los Angeles Times

Willits teenager paralyzed by bullet collecting money to buy defective guns
San Diego Union Tribune

Willits teen wants to melt handguns
Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Gun victim plans takeover revenge on manufacturer
The Guardian

Teen wants to buy 60,000 unbuilt guns
The San Francisco Chronicle

Bidders for gunmaker's assets hope to shut it down
USA Today