Will Jimenez Arms Find Nevada Safe Haven to Manufacture Unsafe Firearms?

San Rafael, CA - Less than a month after the California Department of Justice ordered Jimenez Arms to stop manufacturing "unsafe firearms," it appears that this successor to infamous "Saturday Night Special" manufacturer Bryco Arms may be attempting to resume production in Henderson, Nevada.

Jimenez Arms is owned by Bryco Arms former plant manager, Paul Jimenez, and distributes its pistols through Shining Star Investments LLC, owned by Bryco Arms president and sole shareholder, Janice Jennings. Jimenez purchased Bryco's assets through the bankruptcy court, after a California jury awarded $24 million to Brandon Maxfield, who was rendered quadriplegic at age 7 due to a defectively designed Bryco Arms pistol. Maxfield has yet to collect from Bryco Arms. Jimenez resumed the manufacture of pistols at the former Bryco Arms plant in Costa Mesa, California.

In January, the California Attorney General ordered Jimenez Arms to stop manufacturing, after its pistols failed state mandated "unsafe firearm" testing by three separate certified test laboratories. The testing was commissioned by Brandon's Arms, a non-profit organization inspired by Brandon Maxfield. All three test labs reported extreme failures, including parts falling off the pistols, magazines dropping out, failures to feed, misfires, slide release malfunctions, etc. Nine of nine guns tested tailed; some were unable to even complete testing.

California law would allow Jimenez Arms to fix its unsafe firearms and submit them for reinstatement testing.

Last week, however, Jimenez Arms' manufacturing equipment was seen being loaded into Las Vegas based trucks, and City of Henderson business license records show Jimenez Arms filed an application to manufacture firearms at 1111 Mary Crest Road L, Henderson NV. That premises is owned by BH1, LLC.

Current Nevada law does not set any minimum safety standards like those that shut down Jimenez Arms in California.

For more information and copies of the lab reports, contact or phone at 202-518-8047.

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