Paralyzed Child Raises $175,000 to Buy and Destroy 75,000 Defective Guns and Equipment

Brandon's Arms Closer to Shutting Down Gun Factory

Donations Still Needed So Bryco Arms' Plant Manager Can't Outbid

San Rafael, CA - A child paralyzed as a result of Bryco Arms' defective gun design has raised enough money to make an initial bid to shut down the gun factory and prevent 75,000 defective guns from hitting the streets. With the support of its many donors, Brandon's Arms will offer an initial bid today of $175,000 to a Florida federal bankruptcy judge. The organization must still raise funds to ensure that it are not outbid by Bryco Arms' plant manager.

When he was seven, Brandon Maxfield was accidentally shot in the face when a Bryco pistol discharged while being unloaded. As a result, Brandon is permanently paralyzed below the neck. In Maxfield v Bryco, a unanimous jury found Bryco Arms responsible for its defective design and for Brandon Maxfield's injuries and medical expenses.

To hide a jamming problem with the guns, Bryco deliberately designed its pistol so that the safety had to be set to "fire" while unloading, making the trigger active and accidents more likely. Rather than redesign the pistols, and fairly compensate Brandon, Bryco Arms and the pistol's designer Bruce Jennings declared bankruptcy, and are believed to be scheming to reorganize under a new name to continue making the same defective “Saturday Night Specials”. Jennings employed a similar scheme in 1986, when he sold his gun company's assets to his then plant manager, only to later buy them back under the new corporate identity Bryco Arms.

Last month, despite objections by Brandon's attorneys, Bryco Arm's plant manager Paul Jimenez bid $150,000 for the guns and equipment. On June 22nd, the federal bankruptcy court delayed the proposed sale for 20 days to allow for objections. Brandon's Arms has raised enough money to offer a higher initial bid and ultimately liquidate the equipment and destroy the existing guns. An objection to the sale to Jimenez also has been filed by other creditors. Brandon's website,, still needs donations to ensure that Jimenez does not outbid the organization.

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