A $140 Gun Could Cost a Retailer $22 Million

Federal Licensed Firearms Dealers Warned of True Costs of Selling Cheap “Junk” guns

San Rafael, CA - Federal Licensed Firearms Dealers should think twice before selling junk guns warns a flyer created and distributed by Brandon’s Arms.

The flyer, sent to more than 61,000 federal licensed firearms dealers around the U.S., warns retailers that they face the same liabilities for defective guns they sell as do the companies that manufacturer them. It urges dealers to do business ONLY with reputable firearms manufacturers, who will stand behind their products, and who maintain liability insurance.

The warning comes as Jimenez Arms JA-9 Nine Millimeter semi-automatic pistols hit the streets, being sold to dealers for as little as $110 each. Jimenez Arms and its sole distributor, Shining Star Investments, are owned by the former plant manager and owner of Bryco Arms, respectively. The Jimenez pistols include the same safety defect as the Brycos – a manual safety that must be set to “fire” before the gun can be unloaded. Bryco’s design was adopted to hide a jamming problem.

Brandon’s Arms also announced the establishment of a database of junk gun defects, accidents, and accidental discharges. This information and all information related to the trial which found Bryco guns defective will be available to assist attorneys in suits against junk gun manufacturers. A form to report gun incidents can be found on brandonsarms.org.

Brandon Maxfield was accidentally shot in the face by a defective Bryco pistol which discharged while being unloaded. As a result, he is permanently paralyzed below the neck. In Maxfield v. Bryco, a unanimous jury found Bryco Arms responsible for its defective design and for Brandon’s injuries and medical expenses. Bryco declared bankruptcy and has yet to compensate Brandon.

Brandon's Arms was founded to promote the public safety, with specific emphasis on proactive charitable measures to reduce and eliminate injuries and deaths from the accidental or criminal use of firearms.

The flyer is available at brandonsarms.org.

For more information, contact or phone at 202-518-8047.

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