Press Releases

San Rafael Attorney Richard Ruggieri Receives National Legal Award
July 27, 2005

Legal Community Against Gun Violence Honors Brandon Maxfield
July 12, 2005

California Court of Appeals Affirms $24 Million Judgment Against Bryco Arms
February 24, 2005

Will Jimenez Arms Find Nevada Safe Haven to Manufacture Unsafe Firearms?
February 15, 2005

Jimenez Arms' Junk Gun Fails California Safety-Tests
State Bans Manufacture and Sale of Jimenez Arms Gun; Removes JA-9 Model from Approved List
January 18, 2005

A $140 Gun Could Cost a Retailer $22 Million
Federal Licensed Firearms Dealers Warned of True Costs of Selling Cheap "Junk" Guns
January 11, 2005

Was the Auction of Bryco Arms' Assets Fraudulently Funded?
After Failed Attempt to Conceal Source of Funds, Bank Records Prove Jennings' Money Funded Purchase
October 18, 2004

Bryco's Bankruptcy Ploy Successful; Plant Manager Makes Highest Bid; Thousands of Defective Guns Likely to Hit Streets
August 12, 2004

Paralyzed Child Raises $175,000 to Buy and Destroy 75,000 Defective Guns and Equipment
July 9, 2004

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